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ICX Summit / Tuesday / September 12, 2023 / 9:15 AM

Leveraging AI for Enhanced Operations and Superior Customer Satisfaction

Few will argue that AI is the future of customer experience, but many organizations don't know where to begin. This session will teach you how to integrate AI tools and robotics, including:

  • Identifying basics needed for IOT integration, i.e. “I’ve never tried integrating my POS with a customer database, what is this? How can a GuideBot perform a basic function like checking a guest into a table and taking them to their seat, basic food delivery, etc.”
  • Intermediate integrations for more personalized customer experiences. Think: recognizing frequent customers and the tableside screen giving recommendations based on past purchases or guests speaking to a robot to check-in and it being pre-programmed with frequently asked questions it can answer verbally.
  • Full soup-to-nuts integration, including AI deciding the best items to promote based on margins, seasonal sales, preferences for each individual customer, etc.


Justin Bartek | Vice President of Marketing | Dog Haus Worldwide
Justin Bartek recently joined Dog Haus Worldwide as the Vice President of Marketing where he will specialize in building brand identities through data-driven decisions and highly valued partnerships and collaboration within organizations. Justin will handle strategic brand management, conduct market research, and help take Dog Haus and The Absolute Brands to the next level. Prior to joining the Dog Haus team Bartek has spent nearly 20 years in marketing for various restaurant concepts such as JINYA Holdings, The Halal Guys, Veggie Grill, Qdoba Mexican Grill and Baja Fresh. Bartek has played a key role in helping grow them from regional sensations into national and international brands. Justin currently lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife Rebecca and daughter Olivia.
Elad Inbar | Founder & CEO | RobotLAB
Elad Inbar is the founder and CEO of RobotLAB, a unique company dedicated to making robots smart and useful in multiple industries, including education, hospitality, restaurants, hotels, assisted living facilities, etc. His current ventures in robotics and education have received wide publication and recognition in Time Magazine, The New Yorker, Tech Crunch, IEEE, NBC, Financial Times, Fast Company, CNET, San Francisco Chronicle and other media outlets. He shares his experience as a keynote speaker in many events such as SxSW, National Restaurant Association, Florida Lodging and Restaurant Association, and TCEA, ACTE, FETC and many others. Elad also sits on the Forbes Technology Council. With parallel careers in academia and technology, Elad is uniquely qualified to bridge the cutting-edge robotics industry and the educational and retail markets.
Steve Lieber | VP Franchise Business Development | BurgerFi
Steve Lieber is an expert in designing restaurant concepts, the art of pizza making and is a certified pizzaiolo from Italy. As Vice President of Franchise Development, Steve leads the team who sold over 150 franchises to over 50 franchise groups. His team has sold franchises in 20+ states and international deals in Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our teams built systemwide restaurant sales of $100+ million USD in under 5 years. Steve was on opening restaurant teams for 10+ states in the United States. He taught franchisees recruiting techniques, training and operating systems, professionalism, food ordering and preparation, inventory controls, labor controls, local store marketing to increase sales and profitability of all locations.

Daniel Brown | Editor | Digital Signage Today
Daniel Brown is a member of the ICXA Advisory Board. He is also the editor of Digital Signage Today, a contributing editor for, and an accomplished writer and multimedia content producer with extensive experience covering technology and business. His work has appeared in a range of business and technology publications, including interviews with eminent business leaders, inventors and technologists. He has written extensively on AI and the integration of technology and business strategy with empathy and the human touch. Brown is the author of two novels and a podcaster. His previous experience includes IT work at an Ivy League research institution, education and business consulting, and retail sales and management.
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