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General Session / Wednesday / September 13, 2023 / 9:00 AM

On the Record with Gen Z

Just when you figured out how to engage millennials, along came Gen Z, which is a completely different cohort. Luckily, we've partnered with apc to do quite a bit of research about these young consumers (ages 10-22) and their brand preferences, how they want to be marketed to and what it takes to turn them into lifelong fans. We'll not only reveal those learnings but also host a live on-stage focus group starring several coming-of-age consumers who will give us the scoop in real time.


EJ Kritz | EVP, Training & Customer Experience | apc – powering the human experience
EJ Kritz is a seasoned strategist, trainer, and keynote speaker with extensive experience working for some of the finest brands in Financial Services, Retail, Call Center, Franchising, and Media. As the Executive Vice President of apc's Training, EJ supports banking organizations of all sizes to build and deliver world-class training solutions focused on such critical topics as Customer Experience, Leadership, Management, Needs-Based Sales, Employee Engagement, Problem Resolution, and more.
Aimee Wright | VP, Strategic Relationship Management | Blackhawk Network
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