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eGain customer engagement solutions power digital transformation for leading brands. Our top-rated cloud applications for social, mobile, web, and contact centers help clients deliver connected customer journeys in an omnichannel world.


Agent IQ

Agent IQ offers a digital platform, supercharged with AI, that improves communication and engagement between financial institutions and their customers, leading to happier, more loyal, and more profitable customers. We help create relationships in the digital world that are just as personal as in the physical world, but even more enhanced.


Ekata, the global leader in digital identity verification solutions, empowers businesses to link any digital transaction to the human behind it. Powered by the Ekata Identity Engine, its award-winning suite of APIs and SaaS solutions help 2,000+ businesses combat cyber fraud and enable a frictionless experience for their customers in 230+ countries.


Entrust is dedicated to securing a world in motion with an unmatched breadth of credential issuance and digital security solutions that enable trusted identities, payments, access, and data protection around the globe. simplifies how individuals prove and share their identity online. The secure digital identity network has more than 53 million members with over 80,000 new subscribers joining daily, as well as partnerships with 27 states, multiple federal agencies, and over 400 name brand retailers. The company provides identity proofing, authentication and group affiliation verification for organizations across sectors.


Prelim helps financial institutions digitize the customer journey from onboarding to servicing while improving the employee journey by streamlining and automating internal operations from reviewing to processing to underwriting to servicing. Built by banking experts, Prelim’s no-code, white-labeled platform delivers a better customer experience, automating the workflows and processes for financial institutions, from identity verification to issuing services from the core and so much more.


SigFig is a financial technology company. We help financial institutions to reshape their relevance in the lives of their customers: becoming irreplaceable sources of advice and guidance, enabled and assisted by technology to provide deep personalization in products and services, centered on customer needs.


SLD is a strategic design agency that provides a complete suite of services to empower financial brands in creating transformative, immersive customer experiences. Leveraging behavioral science, strategic foresight, design thinking and some of the best creatives in the business, we build brands that have the power to thrive today and 20 years from today.

ATM Solutions, Inc.

ATM Solutions, Inc. delivers cost effective ATM and Smart Safe Outsourcing solutions to FI’s throughout the Midwest. These solutions, combined with owning and operating our own armored fleet, create a uniquely good experience for your customers and employees alike.


ClickSWITCH is an account holder onboarding technology for financial institutions and fintechs that automates the process of moving direct deposits and recurring payments from one financial institution to another in just a few minutes. The solution empowers clients increase primary account holders, drive deposits, and cross-sell products to capture full profit potential.


An authority on the data economy, Delvinia is at the forefront of leading companies through this age of data and digital technology. Founded in 1998, the innovation company includes a successful portfolio of digital solutions each with a focus on data collection, including Delvinia Custom Solutions, Methodify, AskingCanadians and AskingAmericans.

Hitachi Solutions

Hitachi Solutions America is a global leader passionate about providing affordable, cloud-based financial services solutions that empower sustainable growth. We strive to be a valuable partner and collaborate with you to increase productivity, reduce risks, enhance customer experience, and drive user adoption. We’re an award-winning Microsoft partner with expertise managing the entire Microsoft stack across all workloads.


Hyosung is a subsidiary of South Korean-based Hyosung, Inc., a global leader in providing ATMs to the retail off-premises and financial institution markets. Since entering the North American market in 1998, Hyosung is the fastest growing supplier in North America and the leading provider of branch transformation solutions.


Perativ is a provider of market leading SaaS solutions for bank cash distribution network optimization and idle cash elimination. Our purpose is making cash accessible and affordable. Our solutions eradicate bank silos and enhance data quality and capture, to drive costs down and make bank cash distribution affordable. Perativ’s dynamic SaaS platform combines analytics, AI and automation to make cash distribution affordable for banks.


Persistent Systems is a global software and services leader, partnering with banks to develop digital solutions. Simplifying integration of new technology, we accelerate our customers’ implementation of Intelligent Business Automation solutions such as Digital Banking Enablement, Back Office Automation, Digital Intuitive Customer Interactions and more, all designed to help banks leverage the power of digital innovations.

Ventus Global Network Solutions

Ventus Global Network Solutions helps today’s retail banks achieve secure, disruption-free connectivity and network uptime. With Ventus Managed NaaS, financial institutions can integrate critical in-branch applications such as ATM/ITM, digital signage, and guest Wi-Fi, delivering the retail banking experience their customers expect.


As a public computing pioneer, ZIVELO has quickly emerged as a market leader in the self-service technology landscape. At its core ZIVELO is a full service design agency with the capabilities to design, engineer, manufacturer and take cutting edge products from conception to completion.



Array provides embedded financial wellness tools, credit and identity management solutions for financial institutions and fintechs through its API and library of embeddable components. Our platform increases engagement and revenue for partners. Array is a fully distributed company based in New York, with over 100 clients and 100 employees. pioneered the creation and adoption of AI-first virtual assistants by enterprises across all industries and regions. Over the years, Kore has emerged as the trusted advisor and preferred technology provider to automate conversational interactions for its Global 2000 customers.Kore’s conversational AI product portfolio has and will continue to transform enterprises by automating delightful customer and employee experiences with unmatched contextual intelligence.


In today’s mobile world, your financial institution needs high engagement mobile interactions. Your app must deliver a private, interactive experience to secure the growth and direct loyalty of your customers. Moxtra has worked with leading financial brands to keep them in the forefront with meaningful mobile interactions.

Aspire Systems

Aspire Systems works with some of the world’s most innovative banking enterprises and fintechs, helping them leverage technology in Aspire’s specific areas of expertise. Aspire System’s services include Digital Experience Solutions, Product Engineering, Enterprise Solutions, Independent Testing Services and IT Infrastructure & Application Support Services. The company currently has over 2,500 employees and over 150 customers globally.


PayKey enables banks and wallets to offer instant access to financial services, including P2P payments and balance check – from within ANY mobile app. Our patented Social Banking Solution™ already serves various global banks including HSBC, Standard Chartered and ING, delivering a frictionless experience that keeps the bank’s services always in front of customers.


Perativ is a provider of market leading SaaS solutions for bank cash distribution network optimization and idle cash elimination. Our purpose is making cash accessible and affordable. Our solutions eradicate bank silos and enhance data quality and capture, to drive costs down and make bank cash distribution affordable. Perativ’s dynamic SaaS platform combines analytics, AI and automation to make cash distribution affordable for banks.


Vouchr has an engagement platform for digital money that transforms financial institutions’ existing transactions into a delightful, personalized and gamified experience that can create deeper customer loyalty.


Broadridge Financial Solutions

Our omni-channel communications solutions are helping banks improve the customer experience, accelerate digital adoption, and improve controls. From delivering statements, bills, and notifications to streamlining new account opening paperwork, Broadridge makes it easy to create, deliver and manage communications. We help leading companies deliver 7 billion communications a year while ensuring regulatory and data protection compliance. Learn more.



Access Softek, Inc.

Access Softek sets the standard for the omnichannel digital banking landscape, having developed the first downloadable apps for mobile banking. Since that time, Access Softek has extended its track record of innovation to online banking, biometric authentication, real-time fraud prevention, and automated investing integrated directly into a financial institution’s digital banking platform, among many other innovative products.


As the #1 satellite TV provider, DIRECTV offers national businesses a total entertainment solution with the best in news, sports and entertainment programming!


mGage provides mobile messaging technologies and services for brands to create better customer experiences. We power billions of monthly mobile interactions through SMS, MMS, Push, RCS and other channels. As a Tier 1 aggregator, we have direct connections to all major wireless carriers, and a best-in-class campaign management platform and powerful open APIs.

Relay Network

Relay Network is solving the billion-dollar customer engagement challenge by giving businesses the power to proactively engage customers with personalized, simplified support in their neediest moments. Financial services companies can now solve their toughest customer engagement challenges and meet rising consumer expectations for efficient and effective service through mobile communications.


Hughes Network Systems

Hughes’ HughesON™ high performance network & digital media solutions enable retailers & restaurants to securely and cost-effectively drive customer loyalty & employee satisfaction. HughesON gives you the agility to leverage mobile with Wi-Fi, increase employee effectiveness with video, and streamline operations while increasing revenues without overwhelming your network or staff.




ATM Marketplace

ATM Marketplace is the world’s only site dedicated exclusively to news and information about the ATM industry, focusing on payment technology, banking trends and regulatory issues.


CIO Review

Published in Fremont, California, CIOReview ( is one of the leading print magazines in the US. It is the knowledge platform where C-suite executives deliberate on critical market challenges and current technological trends across industries. We are a unique magazine because all of our contributors are senior executives from the industry.


ICX Association

The Interactive Customer Experience Association’s mission is to connect B2C brands to technology that elevates the customer experience.


Media 7

Media 7 is a global digital media network of publications. We have built communities specialized around 16 industry verticals and business functions. Our audiences of decision makers and influencers number over 95 million across 120+ countries globally. Our 30+ brands have been inspiring, informing, and intriguing millions of audiences for years.


The Payments Canada SUMMIT

The SUMMIT is the ideal meeting point for the payments community to exchange ideas on the future-state of the payments industry. Canada has a leading role to play in evolving the global payments ecosystem, and The SUMMIT is the place where we will see this transformation in action.


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