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Omnichannel: A true customer experience

Today, customers expect to be able to connect to their financial institution with the same ease as buying household items – whenever they want, from wherever they are. But how do you create the friendly neighborhood bank experience of the past while keeping up with the technology of tomorrow? For years, brands have tried to establish an omnichannel experience but have struggled to create that true customer-centric approach. Financial institutions have the unique opportunity to change the financial services industry and reclaim their status as trusted advisors by delivering on a unified customer experience that moves beyond hitting product goals and delivers on the vision that customers have come to expect.

In this session, Phil Leininger, vice president of omnichannel sale and service for USAA Bank, will dissect the premise that various channels (digital, physical and phone) are separate but not equal.


Phil Leininger | General Manager, Omni-Channel Sales & Service | USAA Bank

Phil Leininger has worked for USAA for 15 years and currently serves as General Manager of Omnichannel Sales and Service for USAA Bank. In his role, he oversees the development and delivery of strategic and operational plans for an integrated, omnichannel member experience across all of USAA Bank’s distribution channels (physical, virtual, digital). His goal is to improve acquisition, drive deeper relationships and deliver a consistently and seamless overall member experience. Prior to joining USAA, he worked in the financial services industry for both State Farm and Janus. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Howard Payne University.

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