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Capturing the Unbanked in the Digital Age

One-fifth of the world’s population is unbanked. Through the introduction of new technologies, financial institutions have begun to eliminate the hurdles that stop people from entering the financial world ­– whether it be lack of trust, onboarding friction, or accessibility. In this session, we will discuss how digital transformation can turn formerly unbanked individuals into valued members of the financial world by increasing financial inclusion and economic growth for all.


Donna Embry | SVP, Global Payments Strategy | Evolve Bank & Trust

Donna Embry has 51 plus years of experience in the payments industry and currently serves as SVP, Global Payments Strategy for Evolve Bank & Trust. In addition, Donna serves as President of Embry Consulting, LLC. Her prior executive positions include Chief payments Officer for Payment Alliance International (PAI); Executive Vice President, Product and Marketing for Vital Processing (TSYS Acquiring) and Senior Vice President, Electronic Banking for PNC Bank, as well as Chief Operations Officer for PNC’s former division, CFC Financial Services. Donna authored the first ETA publication, The Encyclopedia of Terminology for the Acquiring Industry, and developed/taught the inaugural introduction series of classes for ETA University.

Ed O’Brien | EVP Research & Strategy | ath Power Consulting

Ed O’Brien has extensive experience as an industry analyst, and in various areas of Marketing, Market Research, Strategy, and Operations. This experience includes roles in Banking and Financial Services, Enterprise Software, Consulting, and Manufacturing firms. This background includes Industry Analysis and Strategy, Market and Competitive Intelligence, Product Marketing and Product Management, and Analytics roles. Ed has researched and written over 150 syndicated industry reports, research notes, and other materials, and has been interviewed or quoted by such media and industry outlets as American Banker, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, CNBC, Fortune, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, The Charlotte Observer, The LA Times, and The New York Times.

Tom Walsh | Account Director | Ekata

Tom Walsh is an Account Director with Ekata’s Financial Services team, specializing in data-driven risk assessments powered by dynamic, probabilistic datasets. Tom helps companies optimize their onboarding process to create equity with the underbanked, democratize financial access, and stop fraud before damage is done. Prior to joining the Financial Services arm, he led Ekata’s Solutions Architecture team, developing a statistical science-based approach to evaluating vendors and fraud solutions.

Lamine Zarrad | SVP | ZenBusiness

Lamine Zarrad is the SVP, Financial Services at ZenBusiness PBC. He began his entrepreneurial journey shortly after immigrating to the United States then going on to serve in the U.S. Marines. He then built an expertise around banking regulations and financial services through work at Merrill Lynch and the U.S. Treasury’s Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Lamine co-founded Joust in 2017, which was acquired by ZenBusiness in 2020. Lamine combines his passion for inclusion and product innovation skills to build the ZenBusiness platform.


Bradley Cooper | Editor | ATM Marketplace

Bradley Cooper is the editor of ATM Marketplace. He was previously the editor of Digital Signage Today, Kiosk Marketplace and Blockchain Tech News. His background is in Information Technology, Advertising, and Writing.

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