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Discovery Hour

Learn about new and innovative financial technologies in this series of 10-minute product presentations. Each presenter will have five minutes for an elevator pitch and five minutes for audience Q&A.



Array provides embedded financial wellness tools, credit and identity management solutions for financial institutions and fintechs through its API and library of embeddable components. Our platform increases engagement and revenue for partners. Array is a fully distributed company based in New York, with over 100 clients and 100 employees.


In today’s mobile world, your financial institution needs high engagement mobile interactions. Your app must deliver a private, interactive experience to secure the growth and direct loyalty of your customers. Moxtra has worked with leading financial brands to keep them in the forefront with meaningful mobile interactions.


PayKey enables banks and wallets to offer instant access to financial services, including P2P payments and balance check – from within ANY mobile app. Our patented Social Banking Solution™ already serves various global banks including HSBC, Standard Chartered and ING, delivering a frictionless experience that keeps the bank’s services always in front of customers.


Perativ is a provider of market leading SaaS solutions for bank cash distribution network optimization and idle cash elimination. Our purpose is making cash accessible and affordable. Our solutions eradicate bank silos and enhance data quality and capture, to drive costs down and make bank cash distribution affordable. Perativ’s dynamic SaaS platform combines analytics, AI and automation to make cash distribution affordable for banks.


Vouchr has an engagement platform for digital money that transforms financial institutions’ existing transactions into a delightful, personalized and gamified experience that can create deeper customer loyalty.

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